The Port Hollow Witches is a paranormal horror / dark fantasy series prominently featuring LGBT characters and strong female leads as they grapple with the many supernatural threats rising in the town of Port Hollow. The majority of the books in the series are told in third-person perspective and follow multiple character viewpoints. This series does contain several (straight and same-sex) slow-burn romance plot lines,but it is not a paranormal romance.

Embarrassing story time! So The Claiming was supposed to be the first novel in the series with Devil’s Bane being a novella-length prequel. I wrote it, but the original version of the story felt very small. I realized during the writing of Devil’s Bane that Port Hollow was a much bigger place than just the story between Kendra and her brother, or even the love story between Gwydion and Rory. So, I decided to write a chapter from Kathryn’s perspective and immediately understood that the overall story I wanted to tell was much bigger than I had initially planned for. So I expanded Devil’s Bane, re-plotted the entire series, and released Devil’s Bane as the first volume (it actually ended up being longer than The Claiming) and changed The Claiming to be volume 2. I think that, from a story-telling perspective, this was the right move for the series and for my readers.

Definitely. I understand that some readers may wish to avoid The Claiming, due to some of the sensitive content in it. Unfortunately, that content is essential to the story and to Gwydion and Kendra’s characters and the dynamic between them. But it’s totally okay to skip book 2 or to only read parts of it.

Harbingers is (mainly) a continuation of the main plot-lines from Devil’s Bane. Kendra is a main character, but through her reflections on the events of The Claiming, there’s definitely enough detail to where a reader who chooses to skip The Claiming won’t be terribly lost for long. There will be a short summary of The Claiming in the *back* of Harbingers in order to help the readers who read Devil’s Bane but skipped book 2 get completely caught up.

So far, it looks like it will probably be six full-length novels and a handful of shorter pieces. I have a novella written from Sheriff Pike’s perspective, which will be released in February of 2020. I will be releasing a few short pieces (short story and/or novelette length) as well, before book 4 comes out.

I’m still discovering that! I’ve written 4 novels so far (the first one is still collecting dust, since it’s terrible) and I’m still discovering my process as I go.

I will say that I’m definitely a plotter. To a point. Honestly, in order to begin any project, I need to have everything planned out. Otherwise decision paralysis begins to set in and the blank page can be a terrifying thing.

Usually, about halfway through the book, my characters start doing their own thing. They take on a life of their own and the story grows organically in unexpected ways. For me, this is the magic of creating something, so I usually do my best to get out of the way and let it happen. Sometimes I keep the developments, sometimes I alter them or discard them altogether. Most often, I go with it and smooth things out in subsequent drafts. But my thought is that, whenever the story begins to grow organically, it’s always a sure sign that the magic is working.


I’ve got two other projects in the works so far. The first one is a MM paranormal romance novella trilogy about vampires. Book 1 should be released in late winter/early spring of 2020.

The other project I’m working on is another novella series. It’s going to be a dark MM paranormal romance series of fairy tale retellings. The first one I’ve got planned out is ‘As Red as Blood’, a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. To be released in spring of 2020.

Last, I have a dystopian dark fantasy series I’d like to work on, but that’s probably a bit further down the road, once I have the Port Hollow series completed.

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