Bodies are turning up in the Olympic Peninsula. Each victim shows unmistakable signs of being murdered with dark magic. It’s clear that the most forbidden and dangerous of the black arts are still being practiced in the town of Port Hollow. Ancient sorceries that allow power to be stolen from innocent life. And Kathryn Silk plans to stop it, no matter the cost.

Rory Garcia harbors deadly secrets. He has committed the ultimate betrayal against his coven, crimes that cannot be forgiven. And someone already knows the truth. It is only a matter of time before he pays the price.

But keeping secrets in a town like Port Hollow is dangerous work. And it might be the undoing of them all.


Kendra Garrity became a trauma counselor in order to put the dark truth of her childhood behind her. More importantly, it’s a way for her to help other people through some of the worst things a person can live through. The small town of Port Hollow keeps her surprisingly busy, but for the most part, she believes that the horrors of her past are behind her. She couldn’t be more wrong.

The safe and normal life she has built is shattered when she learns that her twin brother – who once sacrificed everything to save her – desperately needs her help. At dawn, he will be lost forever. But rescuing him means descending into the underworld, a shadowy place of nightmares, monsters, and memories that refuse to die.

Will Kendra have the courage to repay her brother’s sacrifice?


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